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O Haven ( as opposed to ' Hello = O Hell '), I am in 4th Grade, What Grade* are you in ? UNLEARN EVERYTHING - the EARTH IS FLAT Circle !

( Barak Obama NEVER LIES - he calls it ROUND Or Like a dinner plate ) NOT A SPHERE !
Barthakur comes, Barthakur goes.
Many of them came before, and left.
Many of them will come and leave.

No Fear of Humiliation, nor ANY Longing of Glorification!

The word "Barthakur" stays Bar = Elder / Big / Leader etc.. and Thakur = A cook / A priest / A vilage chief etc..

Earth is Flat, Satanist Rules it.

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One who cooks anyone's daily meal and decide what one needs to eat as human, so that one's body in sync with environment, or Bhagavan Bha(earth= Bhumi) Ga( sky=gagan) Va(air=vayu) N (water=neer).


Provide a drink to anyone with a thirsty mind , so that one do not fall in to the trap of Satanic sewer.


Guide anyone on a throny tropical forest, infested with mosquito or venomous snakes, chopping the bushes aside with a machete and walking carefully ahead, but not looking back ...

My Gwotra is Garga

The reason I was wearing a dark glasses, because, I SEE no future.
SORRY FOR LAST 2 YEARS I was shouting on my roof top for the ECONOMIC COLLAPSE , and NO one listens to me. ITS HERE. I gave a date of July 25th, 2015 on Forum back in March 11th.
Touch my hand, if you can.

Even my mother have a hard time touching my hand, how can you touch me ??????? its tough - have you heard the song " meili chadar oorke kese, dwar tumahre auuo " ?

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  • if you are looking for abhinaba barthakur or abhi barthakur or bart click here
    There NO FINANCIAL INTEREST involved. Its all altruistic

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    are you going to miss the boat ride ?

    yes ?

    I may be in taamas, but taamas is not within me.
    I may be in rajas, but rajas is not within me.
    Sattwik life gives me pleasure, but when I leave, I want to be free of ALL these three gunas
    -- I want to be Nis-Tren-gunayh !!

    You may Question, Why this change ?

    Why am I moving my old main.html of to ???


    Because, I own NOTHING, I came with NOTHING, and I will leave with NOTHING. All will be here, for you, on this 4th dimension, to play as if its your lego Toy/Game. So, I decided to step aside, giving you and "the other barthakurs" to play as you like ...

    My inner feeling is telling me that I am in my last steps of the ladder as explained in Chapter 6 of Magbhagat Geeta on sloka 41 through 47. Otherwise why would I gain SO MUCH knowledge in such a short span of time ?

    Many things i built , many accolades I got --- its just like my foot print like this one -- a front page news article with 150,000 circulation statewide news paper...
    OR a National Level News Megazine like : North East Sun

    I am trying to go in to the other corner like a turtle, under my own skin, and play all by myself along with my

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    Oh btw, If you are looking for other barthakurs, like Naba / Usha / Alpana/ Monavi/ Anavi / Ballu etc etc .. - just type their and you will find them.

    Thank you for visiting

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    Karta mat bano - Karma karo

    ( don't claim anything, just do your duty)

    Unforgettable audio from 2014

    * = Wikipedia is Wrong ! Brahmacharya is ACTUALLY 2(TWO) Stage - Saisava and Brahmacharya. Thats how I am 4th grade ! I am NOT in Sanyas - which is 5th grade !
    *I am  A E I O U mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm missing the RHI ??

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